Are You Making the 5 Most Common Mistakes When Manifesting Lovers?

Written by michaelc

Topics: Manifesting, Thinking Skills, Upgrade Your Mind

Who hasn’t read a book on manifesting and immediately decided to get themselves a hot model or an ex-boyfriend back? Read on and I’ll show you 5 reasons why this is a dumb idea and what to do instead.

Mistake One – Revenge of The Ex

Trying to manifest an old partner back just plain doesn’t work. Actually, moral issues aside, it can work but as soon as you take the mental pressure off they’ll snap back. Also, nothing screams ‘dump me’ faster than the reek of desperation.

Solution: Move on already! There’s 6 billion humans and growing, so at the very least there’s tens of millions of viable options out there.

Mistake Two – Damaged Goods

Manifesting new love without resolving why you lost the old one is an easy way to avoid working on any rough edges or unresolved issues you have around relationships. After the sugar high of a new romance fades, the same old stuff can bob to the surface.

Solution: Time for a little personal development! If you were to pick just three things to do differently what would they be?

Mistake Three – Mind over Mouth

Relying on mind skills to override a chronic lack of social skills is a dumb idea. Let’s face it, if you’ve ever caught someone trying to hypnotise you or use cheesy canned speed seduction lines on you it makes you wonder what’s wrong with them?

Solution: Learn how to talk to anyone about anything, how to look presentable in different environments and make people feel good with your tongue. Err.. by talking to them I mean.

Mistake Four – Oneitis

Trying to seduce a particular individual falls into the same ballpark as Mistake One – they’re both based on a scarcity mentality that’s assuming there’s a limited number of options. Unless you live in a nuclear bunker and the world has ended, this is probably not the case.

Solution: Manifest the kind of person you’d like rather than a specific person. Go for the essence over the specific.

Mistake Five – Broken Record

Have you ever met someone who was manifesting the same thing over and over again, almost as if they’re a specialist in that kind of malfunction? Time to raise your horizons a bit and shoot for something new and improved!

Solution: Get out of your box a bit and add to your manifesting intention “…this kind of thing or better!”

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