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Hi folks – today we’ve a great guest post and an awesome free video from Sean Collins (my co-conspirator on Manifesting Network).

This video was originally was going to be a live pay webinar, but we’ve got readers all over the world in some funny time zones, and it was hard deciding who’ll have to tune in at 3 in the morning.

So we made it a video instead – check it out after you’ve read the post, you’ll love it…

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“Sean Collins

A brain researcher discovered something — a SIMPLE way to turn on your alpha brainwaves instantly.

Yes, the same alpha brainwaves that help you make miracles happen.

What’s really wild is that this scientist discovered this by ACCIDENT.

Here’s how…

He asked someone a question while they were wired up to his EEG, and was shocked to see that a simple question generated a perfect “synchronous alpha” brainwave response.

All he did was ask them a question!

This is a BIG deal, and big news for us. Here’s why…

You may know from my work with Michael Campbell that reaching alpha is an ideal state of mind to ‘project’ your visualizations and manifest goals in your world.

Getting to “alpha” IS an essential part of manifesting, but there are two problems with the usual way of reaching alpha:

1. SLEEPY: The typical way to train yourself to reach alpha involves SOME form of self-hypnosis (close your eyes and countdown, etc).

This works fine but it often causes you to fall asleep.

Plus it takes a while.

This technique I’ll be sharing with you lets you pop right into the alpha brainwave state instantly.

By the way: Some longtime meditators who THOUGHT they were in alpha actually weren’t, when measured by EEG. (The question technique got them to alpha immediately, however.)

2. People don’t actually DO alpha meditation consistently — even when they know it works! Yes, this is REALLY weird, and yet it happens all the time…

Even among people who know and believe in the power of alpha meditation!

So the unemployed guy DOESN’T manifest a job. The lonely person DOESN’T manifest the happy relationship. The money-stressed person DOESN’T manifest freedom.

Not because they can’t, but because they don’t. Even though they know how.

The reason why they don’t? Unconscious stress, embedded at deeper brainwave levels.

When you have UNconscious stress, alpha is simply too painful a place to hang out.

More great news: this new way of reaching alpha causes your brain to let go of this embedded stress automatically.

Here’s a video that walks you through it.

Sean Collins


Go watch the video, it’s a killer idea, you’ll love it.

Until next time, leave me a comment about the video below and I’ll show you some other neat ways to use it.


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  1. kittygirl995 says:

    Thanks guys. Sounds quite like the gap that Wayne Dyers speaks of the space in between the thoughts. Nicely explained Sean and helpful. I accept your invitation to try this in my “combo” manifestion. I love being the deliberate creator:-)

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